We are a small company aiming to help artists like you to boost your chances of being recognised.


Everyone deserves recognition for their talent. We only help this process become easier. Our foremost priority is putting your content out there for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. 

We are a group of individuals who share the same ambition. We aspire building a highly efficient symbiotic relationship with our consumers. We are a continually growing community aiming at nothing but the best for hidden talents waiting to be exposed.   

If you want to be our next guest reviewer contact us right now!

Akanksha Daswani - She is a talented writer and has travelled across the world garnering plethora of cultural knowledge from several different countries. She spends hours writing, reading and teaching French. She also loves dancing, painting, music and art. She wants to constantly improve and believes there is no end to improvement. She also deals with Social media marketing and content writing.

Atharva Thatte- He's lived in 3 different Indian states, 3 different countries and a total of 6 different cities. He has traveled to many different countries and has enjoyed exposure to many different cultures. He has a passion for blogging and media and loves reviewing every aspect of media and it's surroundings. He also builds websites for others and in his pass time, he loves watching football.

Ayush Laddha- He lives in Britain and loves reviewing. He is a passionate fan of the Marvel and DC universe and will look into upcoming trailers and provide you with insights based off of the trailers. He will be able to promote your work to a British audience which might help you gain more recognition for your art.

Golden Lens Reviews will be operated by guest reviewers with an eye for professional photography. Your work will be thoroughly analysed by guest reviewers before being published.

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